Electronic Commerce Makes Online Shopping Possible

Electronic or eCommerce is the purchase and sale of products over the Internet. As use of the Internet developed, the availability of online shopping sites expanded. Products are ordered on the web, paid for on the web and delivered by the postal service or a commercial delivery service. Virtual products require no delivery. Ebooks and instruction manuals are delivered via the Internet.

Payment can be made with PayPal or a major credit card. As soon as payment is processed, the electronic product is delivered. Usually, the seller will provide a link that enables the buyer to download it to his or her hard drive. Currently, writers are self-publishing ebooks and selling them in this way.

In the meantime, Canada online shopping allows women to buy clothes and lingerie online. You can shop for your groceries like this and have them delivered to your door. You can order prescription medication this way too. Your physician faxes the prescription order to the pharmacist and he or she fills it and mails it.

It was 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee brought the WorldWide Web browser to the public. Commercial
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selling was not allowed on the Internet until 1991. In 1994 the Internet shopping began. By 2000 American and European companies started to advertise and then the public began to recognize ecommerce as the purchase of goods on the web. Secure protocols for payment were introduced and developed. Products sold were as diverse as postage stamps, which people could pay for online and print on a home printer for use, and pizza delivered to the door in a half-hour. Continue Reading

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E-Commerce – The Modern Way of Doing Business

Electronic commerce, or more frequently referred to as e-commerce, is growing rapidly, even in the midst of the world – wide economic slowdown. For any commercial venture engaging in e – commerce, a well-designed website is a must.

What is a well-designed website? The answer is: A well-designed website is visually attractive, simple to navigate and easy for a visitor to use. And, let us not forget the quality of the written pages. Poor English language with typos and misspelled words turns a lot of visitors off, as they often see that as a reflection of the professionalism of the company the website represents.

Why is e-commerce so popular today? The answer may lie in the widespread use of computers and the Internet. This has made it so easy to shop for and buy items without leaving the comfort of your home. A well-designed e-commerce website gives the customer the opportunity to view, compare and select the desired item. After that, go to the check-out page, pay for the item electronically, and sit back and wait for the item to arrive via postal or courier service. Much nicer than navigating through traffic to a store and stand in line to purchase and pay for the same item. The on-line purchase will probably end up costing less, especially when taking into account the time spent on the “old-fashioned” shopping venture.

However, for an e-commerce website to be attractive and inviting to the visitors it needs professional website design. A study in the UK showed that even minor errors on some of the web pages resulted in loss of sales. Once the error was corrected, sales figures went up. It is estimated that millions of pounds in sales are annually lost in the UK due to poorly done website development. Continue Reading

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Expand Your Business With Custom ECommerce Solutions

E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. The world of business has introduced advanced methods to promote the business. Electronic business is one of the means through which you can generate maximum business to promote the enterprise. In this way, you will be able to conduct business over the Internet. This is an effective means through which you can generate maximum profits from the potential customers. It also establishes the online presence of a company. In today’s modern world, the online presence contributes in building the credibility of an organization.

An e-commerce brings maximum number of business opportunities to an organization. A marketer can extract potential from the means of Internet. There are two types of online business conducted by the entrepreneurs. One is called business-to-business and the other is called business-to-consumer. The business-to-business involves transaction between two or more organizations. Entrepreneurs aim to build a healthy relationship with each other with an aim to promote the business of the organization.

For instance, an entrepreneur can promote his business over the Internet with an aim to invite the suppliers to supply with the raw materials for his products. In case of business-to-consumer operations, an entrepreneur has a site with an aim to draw maximum web visitors towards the organization. You can promote the organization by highlighting the benefits of using the products and services. This convinces the customers to purchase the product. Nowadays, a person can make the payment and purchase the product or service from a particular company over the Internet. It is easier for the customers to search for the product and then make a purchase. You can even view the video file demonstrating the usability of the product of a company. A marketer needs to upload all the transaction tools necessary for making the purchase of a product. Continue Reading

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